Cities of Tomorrow, are they, really?

European more and less smart cities are gathered together in the commission Charlemagne building in Brussels.
Harry Van Dorenmalen of IBM wonders why we don’t proceed with making our cities smart, when we obviously know what we should do. I guess because “doing it” is still quite a distance from understanding, in such a complex field. And I most definitely would not want to see the cities adopt proprietary “smart cities in a box” from IBM or anyone else.
Next, Benjamin Barber is accusing Europe of democratic deficit. Coming from the US, I do feel that it would be good for him to buy a mirror… From the European perspective, the power position of the US president is frightening. You can ask Iraqi people to verify that.
Anyway, his view that cities should be more selfish and stand behind their position is good. Proposal for cities: establish a global mayors’ parliament.

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