Video & audio

Here are links to some videos of Forum Virium Helsinki and the European Network of Living Labs;

Here are some clips of Jarmo, in English…

And here are some clips in Finnish…

  • Talking about Open Data (15 mins, good quality) in the Finnish TV in the most popular talkshow of Finland, Arto Nyberg, May 2013 (in Finnish!)
  • Keynote in the Vox Helsinki event (21 minutes, starting at 103:30, good quality), the Helsinki University, March 2012.
  • A panel discussion (59 mins, in Finnish) about the digital Finland, Mikkeli, June 2012.
  • Talking about the Finnish open data scene in the Apps4finland 2012 kick-off (12 mins), April 2012 (in Finnish!)
  • Apps4Finland 2011 gala, welcome speech (6:40 mins)
  • Finnish Broadcasting company, radio program “Miten minusta tuli minä” (1 hour, downloadable MP3) by Marko Gustafsson (in Finnish), 2008