Free, like, without luggage


Free, like, without luggage

A few things happen when you are 10000 km from home without your luggage;
First, the understanding of how little you actually really need. I’ve managed three days now with two pairs of socks, briefs, and shirts.
Second, that fact that the temporary feeling of freedom from material goods is easily spoiled by shopping frenzy, proven today at the mall.

Guess which colour of running shoes I got? Hint: not either of THE most boring ones, but pretty close.
Besides airports and McDonaldses malls are one of the most concrete proofs of the globalization – or homogenisation – of concepts and ideas.

Hello World!

Time to open my on-line archive & blog for the rest of you. This will be the site where the different threads of my life come together – work, innovation, music, bikes. There probably are bugs & mistakes on the pages, and some are not finished at all yet  – I am doing as I preach, launching in beta. Lean startup, you know! See you around!

Infodev Global Forum, East London, South Africa


I am heading to Africa again, one year after my trip to the World Bank event in Kenya. Now I will speak in the innovation ecosystems track: This session will explore the relative roles the public and private sectors play in facilitating innovation, innovative enterprises and a productive economy.”

Living labs, open data and community-driven smart cities on the agenda. More insights when I get there.

Open Data in the Finnish TV prime time


I got the chance to explain the benefits of open data to the Finnish public in the most popular talk show of the country, hosted by Arto Nyberg. Hard thing to do in 15 minutes, but my mother thinks it went OK. And she should know. For the international network, this is a good chance to practice your Finnish.