Smart Strategies Don’t Bring Success

Screenshot 2017-12-11 21.34.20Future Cities Catapult has published a fresh Global Review of Smart City Strategies in collaboration with Arup. We studied 20 global cities – some internationally recognised smart cities, others in different stages of development.

The strategies come in different shapes and sizes – some are top-down (mostly Asian cities), some grassroots up (Europe). Organisational models range from networked operations to strategies run by City departments and arms-length innovation companies.

For me, the most interesting insight was that there are no rules in how to turn the strategy successfully into reality.  Some of the best known Smart Cities, especially Amsterdam, does not have a smart city strategy at all. Instead, the agile, collaborative and data-driven way to manage technology has been embedded into the operational culture of the city.

So, to be a smart city you need to work in a smart way? No shit, Einstein.